My name is Todd Powell.  I recently was released from prison from a 15-year sentence in 2015.   I came to prison in 2004 with no education, no skills and a bad attitude.  5 years into my sentence I decided to get a GED.  I  then  got into the waste water and drinking water field.   Once I got down to 5 years I was allowed to work outside of the prison gates and earned all my waste water and drink water hours.   I had a job waiting for me upon my release.  When I had 14 months left I signed up for work release.   I chose the Re-Entry Center of Ocala.  That Work Release Center gave me the opportunity to transition back into society and made it easier for me once I was out of prison. Being in prison for so long I was so in tuned to life behind the fence that the reality of getting out seemed impossible but work release gave me the chance to transition into society. I got a job with a company called US Water.  My first year out I made $60,000.   I've been out almost 3 years now I am a project manager. One thing I don't forget everyday when I wake up is where I came from.  Sky's the limit!