Life Skills

I would like to say that the opportunity to finish my sentence at work release, instead of behind the fence in prison, enabled me to 'hit the ground running'. With the help and the time available to me, I was able to line up the purchase of the new home I now live in. I was able to save up enough money to purchase a vehicle and secure a driving license, which really helps with the first few days of freedom. The transition is smooth from work release to the 'real world'. I feel for those who are not able to finish out their time at a work release center. I have been out for just over a year now and live in a beautiful home and own two restaurants that are doing real well. I have even hired people from the local work release center.

Former RECO Resident

Reco teaches many skills as part of the services that we offer. Some skills and services are offered as continued services after an inmate's successful completion of the RECO program.

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1. Values clarification

2. Parenting Skills

3. Anger Management

4. Planning for Independent Living


5. Motivational techniques

6. Money management

7. Effective inter/intra personal skills

8. Use of effective communication and listening skills

9. Effective problem solving

10. Accepting constructive criticism

11. Coping with anxiety and stress

12. Decision making

13. Setting long and short term goals

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I am priviledged to write in support of my student, Terry Horner. Terry studied in my classroom and computer lab for five months, during which time I witnessed his tremendous growth and development. This development came not only in the area of academic achievements and proficiency, but in social skills maturity and character as well.     

Terry entered the General Education Development (GED) program at Community Techincal & Adult Education (CTAE) on January 3, 2012. He arrived on time every day for class, and was prepared to learn, and participate in all of the various diverse learning opportunities offered here at CTAE.

Terry managed his time, worked well in group situations, and practiced a strong work ethic. He has since become one of my most valuable students, and a role model for his classmates. On May 10, 2012, Terry Horner was formally recognized with a plaque in an awards motivational ceremony. He was one of two students chosen from his class by instructors to be honored for his significant academic improvement, and perseverance in raising his TABE scores and taking the official GED test this month.

I have absolute confidence in Terry's abilities as a person and student. As his teacher, I am proud of his accomplishments. I am grateful to have had him as one of my adult learners.

Thank you for the opportunity of correspondence.

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*Sex offenders are not eligible to participate in the Re-Entry Center of Ocala's Work Release Program.