Job Readiness

Reco teaches many skills as part of the services that we offer. Some skills and services are offered as continued services after an inmate's successful completion of the RECO program.

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1. Completing job applications
3. Appropriate interviewing techniques
3. Realistic expectations about salary, hours, benefits
4. Acceptable grooming, personal hygiene, demeanor and attitude


Eddie Park ~ Employment Specialist
From The Re-Entry Center of Ocala

From: Ocala Foursquare Church
114-118 NE Tuscawilla Avenue Ocala, FL 34470
To: The Department of Corrections State of Florida

The Ocala Foursquare Church works in conjuction with Sheepgate Ministries, Inc. to provide various types of support services to the homeless and extreme poor within our community.

The church offers a safe comfortable and friendly environment where people can come together to worship God, regain hope, develop socially, spiritually and emotionally. It is designed for individuals who want to make a change in their lives, who want to learn from the past, and who are looking toward a new and brighter future.

The awesome part of this is we have had the wonderful experience of using some of your men from the Re-Entry Center here in Ocala to help us in providing many of the services. They help us out in many ways by working in the serving lines, giving out clothing, passing out pantry bags, hygeine, and first aid items. One of the guys has become a vital part of the worship team by playing guitar and singing with us. Another person runs our sound system and helps us with technical issues. It has been a tremendous blessing seeing these guys reach out and give back to society by helping our homeless and needy.

Thank you so much. This has been a great joint venture in helping our community. Sincerely,

Glenn D. Peters, Senior Pastor Ocala Foursquare Church

Carolyn S. Peters, President Sheepgate Ministries

*Sex offenders are not eligible to participate in the Re-Entry Center of Ocala's Work Release Program.