My name is James Williams.   I was incarcerated in 2003 for 15 years.  During my incarceration I took a college correspondence course, class 4 waste water and drinking water.  I received my Wastewater license in 2012.  In 2015 I was sent to the Re-Entry Center of Ocala. I started working at TNT (Firework Factory) and later became employed by the Marion County Humane Society.   During my time at Reco I was able to learn how to be a productive citizen in society.   I was allowed to get my driver's license,  as well as buy a vehicle with the money that I had saved.  I also received certain privileges which allow me to learn how to use something as simple as a cell phone.  I've been a free man for about a year and 6 months now.   I have a job with the city of Apopka and estimated to make $43,000 this year.   By the end of this year I will have my own home.   Reco was a big part of me getting prepared for this future that I now live in.