The Reentry Center of Ocala (RECO) was founded in 2005 as a D.B.A. (Doing Business As) under the parent organization of Time for Freedom Inc. RECO's mission is to enhance public safety by helping men coming out of the Florida Department of Corrections break free from the vicious cycle of addiction, crime and incarceration.

RECO is a 100-bed private work release center under contract with the Florida Department of Corrections. The majority of our men are low-level, non-violent offenders who have had substance abuse problems. We get them into the workforce, and if they have fines, court costs, restitution or child support, we make sure that those financial obligations come out of their paycheck. We also make them save their money so when they are eventually released they will have enough money to get on their feet.

Reentry services are very effective in reducing recidivism. According to a recent report released by Associated Industries of Florida, 33% of non-violent drug offenders who do not get reentry services return to prison within three years, while the rate of recidivism for the same time period for for the same group of inmates, who do receive reentry services is only 18%. That equates to a serious reduction in crime as well as a positive fiscal impact.

Time for Freedom Inc., founded in February 1987 by Bernie DeCastro,TFF is a non-profit organization whose faith-based outreach has touched the heart of the community by breaking the vicious strongholds of crime, addiction and incarceration. Time for Freedom Inc. has relentlessly worked to return spiritually devoted, God-fearing men to society: reducing recidivism, educating and reuniting families in the community and proving that no man is below the saving graces of the Lord Jesus Christ.